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SmoothTop Conductive Anti Static Mats

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SmoothTop Conductive Anti Static Mats

SmoothTop Conductive Anti Static Mats

SmoothTop Conductive Anti Static Mats are often found in electronic component manufacturing, server rooms and other high-tech environments. These conductive mats help protect sensitive electronic component and equipment from damage due to an electrical discharge.

These anti static mats offer a smooth surface to facilitate carts, dollies and other wheeled objects from easily rolling across these floor mats. Additionally, SmoothTop conductive mats can easily be swept or wiped down for cleaning.

SmoothTop anti static mats are produced 3/32" thick, which makes them perfect for use as runner mats.

To ensure maximum performance, these anti static floor mats must be kept grounded and clean from any debris.

The RTG resistivity rating for these conductive mats is from 1 x 10^6 to 3 x 10^7 Ohms.

Note: SmoothTop Conductive Anti-Static Mats must be used with a grounding cord for proper functionality. A heel grounder is also strongly recommended. Both items are sold separately.

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