LockTough Rubber Gym Tiles

LockTough Interlocking Rubber Gym Tiles are heavy-duty rubber puzzle tiles that easily lock and stay together to protect floors from heavy weights while providing unsurpassed impact resistance. These rubber tiles are great for large areas, non-rectangular spaces and temporary workout locations.

• LockTough rubber tiles are 1/2" thick and come with beveled (sloped, no-teeth) edges though they are also available with straight (non-sloped) edges.

• These puzzle tiles are ideal when covering larger areas since installation times can be reduced thanks to the oversized nature of the tiles and can be used to create a sectional matting area or a wall-to-wall matting surface.

• These non-porous, indestructible, vulcanized rubber mats have textured surfaces for greater traction, even when wet.

• LockTough Rubber Tiles are excellent for use under heavy workout equipment, such as treadmills, stationery bikes, and weight-lifting machines. All LockTough puzzle tiles shield floors from damage while protecting machines and exercise equipment from vibration and carpet fibers.

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Fit-Lock Rubber Tiles

Fit-Lock Rubber Tiles

9.5mm (3/8" thick) rubber
Solid black & 10% color
Easy to install 2' x 2' tiles
As low as $9.20
Re-Energize Rubber Gym Tiles

Re-Energize Rubber Gym Tiles

Super comfortable 5/8" thick
Compression wells technology
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Performance-Lock Rubber Tiles

Performance-Lock Rubber Tiles

Heavy-Duty 1/2" build
Black up to 95% color fill
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Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles

Warrior Rubber Gym Tiles

1/4", 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" thick
Solid rubber construction
Superb impact protection
As low as $9.00
Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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101-250 $18.50
251-500 $17.75
501-1000 $17.25
1-100 $65.50
101-250 $64.75
251-500 $63.75
501-1000 $63.00
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