Corrugated ESD Anti Static Mats

Corrugated ESD Anti Static Mats are 1/8" thick esd floor mats that help protect high-tech components and electronic equipment from electrical discharges that could cause damage.

These anti static floor mats have a corrugated, or ribbed, surface pattern that offers greater traction and slip resistance yet is still easy to clean and maintain.

Corrugated anti static mats are 1/8" thick and work well for individual workstations and long runs where individuals are not frequently standing for long periods of time (since these esd mats do not have an anti-fatigue foam base). These runner mats are also ideal if carts, chair or other objects will roll across the mats.

Corrugated ESD mats have a RTG rating of 1-3 x 10^7.

To ensure that these anti static mats work properly, the mats must be grounded and kept free from debris.

Note: Corrugated ESD Anti-Static Mats must be used with a grounding cord for proper functionality. A heel grounder is also strongly recommended. Both items are sold separately.

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Corrugated ESD Anti Static Mats
  • Corrugated ESD Anti Static Mats
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